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 Q: How do I register for a camp or clinic?


Q: How do I pay for the Camp?

A: You MAY secure a spot in the camp with a $300 deposit. You can also pay in full by PAYING ONLINE, THRU OUR FRONT OFFICE HOCKEY CHECK-OUT PAGE. CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCE.


Q: Do I need my own equipment for this school?

A: Yes, goalies are required to have full equipment, including a neck guard. We also highly recommend goalie skates. Visit  for a list of dealers near you. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: The $300 deposit to secure the enrollment is non-refundable. Any registered goalie may cancel his/her registration up to 30 days prior to the camp in order to receive a full credit toward any future Accel Hockey Program. There will be no refunds issued to any participant for any reason. If a goalie becomes injured prior to the camp and cannot participate, he/she will be entitled to a credit toward a future camp. Registrations are transferable with the approval from the Accel Hockey Program manager.

Q: How many instructors will there be on the ice?

A: Overall, our instructor ratio is 4:1 or better. During drills, we will sometimes have 1 instructor working with 2-3 students at a time.

Q: What is the daily camp schedule?

A: While the schedule varies with each program. Our general hours are Monday to Friday 8am-4pm for summer camps. 3 Day Clinics run over weekends and holidays in most cases, with the hours normally being 8am-4pm as well. A confirmed schedule will be posted if different from these hours. 

Q: How do I choose a Level for my student, and can he/she move up faster?

A: For our summer school, there are a maximum of 16 students in each of our 2 Levels. There are 4 groups within each level where students of the same age and skills are initially placed. Students can be moved to another level or group at the discretion of the lead instructors and with a mutual agreement between the parent, student and staff of Accel Goaltending®. It is important for students to be trained in the fundamentals of each level prior to advancement. 


Progressive- generally age 7-11

Advanced- generally age 12-18


Q: Can I deduct goalie school fees and claim them as daycare?

A: Provided that the camp runs during the week and allows a parent to attend a work or training during the hours the camp runs, then the school fees may qualify as a child tax credit/deduction for child care expenses. We recommend checking with an accountant prior to claiming any goalie school fees as deductions. 

Q: Do students provide their own accommodations and meals?

A: We have a partnership with the Days Inn® hotels for students who require accommodations. Each location has a host hotel that offers a special rate for Accel students.  We have a lunch program that students have the option of joining. We send out a lunch request form 30 days prior to the camp. Allergies must be declared on the lunch form. There is an additional cost for the lunch program, approximately $15/day.

Q: Will there be female goalies attending?

A: There are usually a number of female goalies, with the number of female goalies growing every year. Most locations also have a female instructor on staff. 

Q: Who runs the off- ice and classroom? And what sort of training do the students do?

A: Our off-ice instructors are highly trained in goaltender specific training methods. Our off-ice program was developed for goalies and their unique training needs.

A variety of training exercises, fitness testing, challenges and games make up a full week of off-ice training that helps to develop goaltender skills, strength, flexibility and psychological maturity.  

Q: If I am under 7, or over 18, am I still able to attend a camp?

A: Inquiries for students under 7 years old are handled on a case by case basis. The days are long and some of the training and teaching may be a bit overwhelming for some 6 year old students. Normally goalies become full time with the position at 7 or 8 years old; however, we allow some 6 year old entries based on maturity and commitment to the position. For our Level 2, 18 is the maximum age.


Q: If I know someone interested in being a shooter for the caMP, are they allowed to participate?

A: We send out a request for shooters wishing to participate in the afternoon drills and 3 on 3 sessions, etc. The shooters are accepted on a case by case basis. You can make a request at any time by emailing us at 

Q: Can a student book private lessons or consulting during the hockey season?

A: Email or call us with requests, our staff are qualified to perform consulting and private lessons at our training facilities and during practice and private ice sessions. We have a number of 3 day clinics that run during the hockey season at Christmas Break and Spring Break, etc.

Q: What happens if I am injured during the camp and cannot continue, can I receive a refund?

A: There will be no refunds once the camp is underway. We WILL CERTAINLY issue a credit toward A future program at our discretion.

Q: Do my parents have to be present at the camp?

A: No, however, all participants under 18 must be signed in by a parent or legal guardian. No participant may participate without having checked off a waiver online with their registration.